At East Coast Park’s Angsana Green, positive energy and excitement filled the morning air, as a group of ex-offenders and their families enjoyed themselves in the Family Day Carnival organised by the Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd (ISCOS), a social cooperative for ex-offenders. This is also sponsored by Goldbell Foundation and Baker & McKenzie Wong & Leow.
This annual Family Day is one of the major highlights for the Yellow Ribbon Fund-ISCOS Fairy Godparent Programme (FGP), which reaches out to families and children of ex-offenders. The importance of family support is emphasised through this programme, where families come together to accept and support the members of ISCOS, guiding them back to the right path and successfully turn over a new leaf. Such positive actions are very encouraging to the ex-offenders. The FGP also lends a helping hand to the children of ex-offenders from low-income families to achieve a good education and acquire positive life skills. This is aimed towards breaking the cycle of intergenerational offending. It is motivated through the improvement of the students’ development, providing essential family support, and creating a more conducive study environment at home.
This year, the theme for Family Day is ‘Carnival on the Green’. It aims to strengthen family ties among the ISCOS members and their families through team-building games and activities in the open, where they can enjoy the fresh air and have a big greenery space to bond as a family in a light-hearted manner. Volunteers from Goldbell and Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow came down to participate and befriended everyone through the activities too.
“This is our second year of partnership with ISCOS in organising such a meaningful event. The collaboration echoes our Group’s commitment to giving back to the community while providing our volunteers with the opportunity to engage the families and show our genuine support to them,” said Mr Maurice Chua, General Manager – Group HR for Goldbell.
Apart from the exciting games and activities, such as the Human Conveyor Belt and Minutes to Win It, carnival-themed snacks and lunch are catered to be shared around while everyone enjoyed their time in East Coast Park. The time truly flew when everyone was having fun.
“This is my second time attending the ISCOS’ Family Day. I feel closer with my family members now as I get to interact with them through the interesting activities organised specially for us. I am definitely looking forward to next year’s Family Day,” said Ms Liza (not her real name), 46, an ISCOS beneficiary.
Through this Fairy Godparent Programme (FGP), we sincerely hope that the ex-offenders can make up for lost time with their family and be positive. Essentially, family is more important than anything else.

About Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd (ISCOS)
Since 1989, ISCOS has been extending friendship and support to ex-offenders and their families where they can lead meaningful and productive lives. Together with the CARE Network / Yellow Ribbon Project partners, ISCOS takes an active role in engaging the community to help ex-offenders and their families gain a foothold in society.
As a social Co-operative for ex-offenders under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs, their programmes and services are geared towards enhancing the skills level of their beneficiaries, connecting them with supportive employers, providing social support through positive peer groups and mentors, building stronger family units, as well as extending academic assistance to their children in order to break the cycle of intergenerational offending.

About Goldbell Group and Goldbell Foundation
Goldbell Group is Singapore’s market leader in distribution and leasing of industrial vehicles with business operations that span across the Asian region, with a presence in Malaysia and Vietnam.
Goldbell always has a strong belief in giving back to the society, hence incorporating Goldbell Foundation into Goldbell Group. This is a small step towards cultivating corporate social responsibility into the business. Goldbell Foundation aims to enable people to commit and contribute to the society and environment positively, playing a part to push forward a charitable initiative. Supports are given towards critical programmes that address the social well-being of the diverse communities in Singapore.
ISCOS is one of the partners who receive supports from Goldbell Foundation, through the Fairy Godparent Programme, which includes Project LEAP, ISCOS Family Day, and Bursary Awards, to motivate and support these families in their quests to achieve a better outcome in life.


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