Dear Valued Customer, ​

It is my privilege to be able to write to you, and our organisation to be able to serve you.

Covid-19 has brought a challenging time for everyone, impacting our lives from personal to business operations. In times like this, we strongly feel the need to stay united. By collaborating and helping one another, we can ideate and find breakthroughs to emerge more robust in the new conditions.

As the Circuit Breaker is coming to an end and we’re rebooting our economy, Goldbell wants to share the initiatives that we have in place to support your businesses. I sincerely wish everyone stays well, safe and healthy.


A. Contactless Virtual Pre-sales, Sales to Delivery​

Even after the Circuit Breaker has ended, the need for social distancing and precaution remains as we continue the battle to prevent the resurgence of Covid-19.

Knowing that businesses are continuing even during these challenging times, our sales team is online-ready whenever you need them. Through calls and Zoom meetings, we’re here to give you the best advice for your business needs. From pre-sales to sales, we can do it digitally without the need for contact.

Once you have decided on your purchase, our operations team will arrange for delivery at your convenience, thereby reducing human interaction. Rest assured that the vehicle interior are cleaned before delivery, and our staff is practising strict safety measures to keep you even safer.


A. Contactless Drop-off for Servicing & Repairs​

Even after the Circuit Breaker has ended, the need for social distancing and precaution remains as we continue the battle to prevent the resurgence of Covid-19. In consideration for your safety, we will be introducing our Contactless Drop-off Service when you send your vehicle or equipment for servicing and repair to limit human interaction.

Our vehicle or equipment drop-off and pick-up are currently contactless where the key is left in the vehicle or equipment. To go one step further, we have an optional service where you can either fill up a form at our service centres to state your vehicle or equipment issues. This way, we can remove the need to talk to our Customer Service Advisor and any human interaction.

B. Interior Vehicle Cleaning

We understand that most of you spend the majority of the day in the cabin of your vehicle. We are introducing an additional interior cleaning service before handing the vehicle back to you after a service or repair.

We respect your privacy; please let us know if you would like to enjoy this complimentary service before your next visit. ​


A. Re-evaluating our vendors to support our customers

Our customers have always been part of the Goldbell family. In this unprecedented time, we want to do our part to help each other

Whenever we need a service for our business, we first look through our customers to see if there are any suitable for our requirements; this is how we show our support to you – by having you as our suppliers too.

B. You are our priority

We applaud our drivers for keeping our businesses running. Especially during this period where strict safety measures are put in place nationwide, it is no easy feat for them.

To make their jobs a little easier, we have optimised our service centres and appointment bookings so that our drivers need to spend as little time as possible. Rest assured that we have put social distancing measures in place, and our cleaning team works hard every day to keep our service centres sanitised and clean for your safety.

We hope that these little gestures go a long way in motivating your drivers on the road.

C. Giving back to our community

Now, more than ever, the less fortunate in our community needs all the help they can get. There are more people now who are suffering from the effects of Covid-19. At Goldbell, giving back has always been one of our core beliefs, and we want to help out as much as possible.

With the manpower shortage in charity organisations during this circuit breaker, we have decided to work with Food From The Heart to organise food-packing duties for their Community Food Pack Programme and School Goodie Pack Programme. Volunteers from our Goldbell staff were involved in sorting and packing food packs for the less fortunate.


A. Tap on up to $500k worth of Temporary Bridging Loan from Enterprise Singapore (ESG) through Goldbell Financial Services

Everything is moving so quickly, and you may be feeling overwhelmed operationally and on cashflow side of things. We’ve worked closely with Enterprise Singapore to join the panel of financial institutions that facilitates the Enterprise Financing Scheme to help our customers navigate through financial schemes with ease.

The Temporary Bridging Loan helps enterprises to get up to $500k of working capital loans for immediate business cash flow. With interest rates capped at 5% p.a. and servicing only interest for the first 12 months, the TBL will be a great help to local SMEs.

There are many other ways that GBFS can help with your business needs, especially now. Email to find out more.

B. New aftersales programmes to reduce your operational cost and risks​

To maximise the efficiency of your business operations, we’ve added three key programmes to support all customers who have purchased a FUSO truck from us. ​You can visit to find out more about how our Aftersales team can help you.

i. Capped-Cost Maintenance Programme​

In such a challenging economic climate, we understand that you’re most worried about unexpected expenses. The Capped Cost Maintenance programme will help you limit unpredictable expenses by capping your maintenance costs.

ii. Complimentary FUSO Health Check Programme​

We, at Goldbell, see the importance of protecting your health and pockets in this climate, hence we are providing all our FUSO customers with a free vehicle health check when you come in for repairs, or when you want to buy or sell a FUSO truck.

iii. Alternative Quotations

We’re mindful that you need to watch your expenses, and have adopted a two-quotation approach. If your purchased fleet requires additional repairs, the Basic Quotation will cover the mandatory repair items for a functional vehicle, and a Comprehensive Quotation will include a recommended pre-emptive repair that will help prolong the vehicle’s operational use.

C. Optimise your business operations with Goldbell

One way to tread through this trying period is by reviewing your operations and try to increase your operational efficiencies and reduce cost. Goldbell has 40 years of experience in fleet management of purchased and leased fleets, across commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, and material handling equipment. We’ve put together a task force to help our customers evaluate their current operations and identify if there are opportunities to tap on our economies of scale. Speak to your Salesperson to arrange a fleet consultation with us.

Our teams are ever-ready to support you in whatever your business needs. From sales and leasing of industrial and passenger vehicles, financial services, aftersales and fleet management, Goldbell is ready to put your priority as ours.

Let’s #StayStrongTogether!​

Yours Truly,​

Arthur Chua​ (Mr)

CEO of Goldbell Group


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